Hi There!

I’m Aang, and I’m the sole owner and operator of Psychic Millennial.

From the time I was a little girl visiting historic villages with American Girl Doll under my arm and an antique-style bonnet on my head, I have always been obsessed with historic and vintage lifestyle and fashion. I don’t “dress vintage” from head-to-toe every single day, but I do usually incorporate some kind of historical style piece into my outfit for that day. Whether it’s the 1850’s or the 1990’s, I’m always pulling from some bygone era of time.

When I first really got interested in purposefully dressing vintage every day (or at least as often as possible), I was disheartened because it seemed like all of the clothing I searched for was so expensive and unaffordable. But over the past few years, I’ve gotten decently good at picking out items to give off that “vintage aesthetic” while also spending as little money as possible. I found myself finding more treasures as I learned more about vintage fashion, and I wanted to share my finds with everyone else who also found themselves pining for an antique style but couldn’t afford to replicate it.

In 2021 I got the idea to open my online store and sell vintage, something i’d always wanted to do but never thought I could make happen. I had a surplus of vintage clothes I’d thrifted that didn’t quite fit, and I discovered that I had a knack for spotting “true vintage” on a thrift store or flea market clothing rack. And thus, Psychic Millennial Vintage was born! 

Currently in 2021, I’m among the many Americans waiting on a disability determination (the process can take years) after applying last year when my health took a turn, and currently running this shop is my main job. To create this business i’ve taken a leap of faith (emotionally and financially) to create and stock my store…I’m no Jeff Bozo! :p

What i’m saying is, this is a truly small business, but is more than just a side-gig. I love running this shop, and I have a lot of faith in my products, prices, and the styles that I collect.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for stopping by my online store, and choosing to Shop Small! You aren’t just helping one person, you are helping entire families and communities live and thrive, and stay afloat during hard times.

Your purchases help pay for not just things like rent and food, but also many other essentials like clothing and school supplies for my son, pet food and cat litter, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and the gas it takes to get to my many doctors appointments. You not only make my dreams come true, but also help to keep our electric on. Thank you again!!